Housing easy to keep small children and pets

Housing which can rebuild etc.

Housing changes steadily according to the life style of the family who lives. So if you have lived for several years, it is recommended that you change the layout. It is recommended that you change your home according to your family's lifestyle. In the case of rental condominium real estate property it will be a borrowed house so you can not change the apartment or make a renovation so if you want to do the renovation or change it is a condominium apartment real estate property or a detached real estate property . And in the case of a condominium real estate property, it is not possible to do renovation, etc. other than inside the room, and there are some restrictions, so it is a detached real estate property that you can do freely.

In the case of a detached real estate property, you can change the floor plan or do renovation. It is also possible to change the atmosphere of the outside walls other than the room to your liking or to expand it if it is within your premises. Besides changing to a floor plan by renovation, or changing according to the family's lifestyle, you can do rebuilding in the case of a single-family real estate property. By rebuilding, we also build a new single-family real estate, so we can live for a long time.