Housing easy to keep small children and pets

Living in the countryside and living in the elderly

Housing has shown a very large weight as an asset. So thinking about the environment of the future real estate, I will consider buying, selling off and using it for rent. From the viewpoint of supply and demand, the population decreases with the declining birthrate and the aging population, and the number of elderly people increases. It is believed that differentiation will occur even in real estate properties and you will be able to buy and sell only a few popular areas, and no other apartment or building will have a borrower. The population of the young people themselves will be less, so even if anyone thinks it makes sense. In addition, the fact that more elderly people will be able to live well in small homes such as 1DK and 2DK is not a large housing.

Demand for a house that can be living in a smaller number of people than in a large condominium or a house will increase. It will not only be done in rural areas but also in urban areas. On the other hand, if there is no demand for rural areas, it is not so, and some areas will be popular due to the demand of elderly people. A town for the elderly may be made. As a reason I can live in rural areas if I have pension life. It is because you can sell the urban residence and purchase cheap property in the province, and lease it, you can effectively manage old capital. Then it is only necessary to choose the place where medical care and nursing care system are in place.